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Little Wings Farm 
Certified Organic Produce


About our farm


Little Wings Farm is a 10 acre farm located along the mighty Willamette River.  With red tailed hawks over head and beautiful river loam soil beneath, the farm is a perfect place to grow vibrant healthy food.  

We grow a variety fruits, berries, and vegetables which are all hand harvested. We sell our produce locally to natural food stores, restaurants, and a weekly box subscription called a Cropshare (aka CSA).

While growing fresh and delicious produce and flowers is our top priority, we seek to build healthy soil by growing cover crops whenever possible and applying appropriate levels of fertility. We address pest issues by dedicating large areas of our farm to flowering habitat  for beneficial insects like hover flies that eat aphids. And while this is rare, we resist the use of wasteful, single-use plastics in our production of crops.  

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