JOIN OUR CROPSHARE.      Eat fresh everyday. 

Each week you receive a box packed with fresh picked and delicious certified organic  produce grown at our farm in Eugene.  Inside the box are staples like salad mix and carrots and seasonal favorites like fresh peas, blueberries, and basil.   Our boxes are "partial-choice: We select 4- 5 items that go in every box and then you select 3-4 specialty items. Each box is unique.  You also have the option of adding extra items into your box each week. 

Whats in the boxes?

The contents of the boxes vary week to week depending on what is "in-season". These are partial choice boxes. We choose 4-5 staples, you choose 3-4 specialty items. example boxes below:

Spring Box 

-Salad mix

-Spring Carrots

-Persian Cucumbers


-Green Onions


-Bok Choi


-Butterhead Lettuce

-fava beans


Summer Box 

-Salad mix

-Italian Peppers

-cherry tomatoes


-Shelling beans

-Sweet corn


-swiss chard

-Heirloom Tomatoes

Fall box

-Salad mix


-red bell peppers

-Kabocha squash

-cherry tomatoes




-Red table beets

How the Cropshare Works

Each week we will send you an email prior to receiving your box with the following information:

1.  A list of what will be in your box 

2. an easy form to make your choices of specialty items

3. the option of adding on extra produce

4. Recipes that we love, sometimes videos included

5. news and announcements from the farm

Your box will be delivered to one of our convenient delivery sites of you choice. 

  • WEst Eugene (13th & Garfield)

  • Downtown (14 & Lincoln)     

  • RIver ROad (Maxwell & River Rd)

  •  Whiteaker  (North Cedar St)  

  • Friendly St. & 27th 

  • Springfield (Kelly & Centennial) 

  • South Eugene (27th & Harris)

  • Santa Clara (Our farm) 

Members also receive:

  • 10% off Farm Stand & U-Pick Berries

  • unlimited Vacation Credit Available (we want you to camp, hike, and eat well too!)

What our Cropshare Members are saying...

"My family and I go through the box like it's Christmas.  Your recipes help, as some of these vegetables are foreign to me!  This has been one of the best decisions I have made.  I feel so fortunate to be eating wonderful foods from our valley."  -Cheri

"I love knowing before the week begins what I'll get in my box. And I liked being able to select items that I like and would use. The quality was excellent!" -Megan

"We have been participating in farm CSAs for nearly 20 years from several farms in multiple states and you all seriously rocked this year! We are looking forward to next year!" -Lynn

A Farmers Testimonial: Why the Cropshare Program?  

If you are curious why folks would sign up for this

program given the ease of buying produce from the

store, the reason is sometimes deeper (than fresh,

high quality produce)...because they want to

support their local organic small scale farmer.  

So why do we offer a Cropshare program and

how does it help our business? 


Selling at the Farmers Market can be unpredictable and hard to plan around.  We will often bring twice as much as we can sell in order to create an attractive display that looks bountiful throughout the day.  All this excess produce at the end of the market is donated, fed to the chickens, or composted which inevitably results in an economic loss for us considering all the work it took to plant, cultivate, harvest, wash, package and display that produce. The alternative to Farmers Markets is to sell to stores and restaurants that typically pay 30-40% lower prices than what we sell for at Market.  At our scale, this low rate may not even allow us to break even on our costs.  Thus the Cropshare is a happy medium.  We sell our produce to Cropshare Members at a discounted rate. People get a good deal, and we have a guaranteed market for our produce.  Its a win-win!