Cropshare Guidelines

Welcome to the Little Wings Farm Crop Share 2020. We are really excited you have joined our farm.  We look forward to sharing the produce we love to eat and grow with you and your family! Below, you will find guidelines to our Crop Share.  As always if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us via phone, text or email!


How to select your specialty items each week?

You will receive an email from us each week with information about what will be in your upcoming box.  It will come with an attached form, easy to fill out, listing options for your weekly selection. Please select the items you would like and click submit by the deadline listed.  If you do not select your items for the week, we will select them for you.   This way you will always get your full value even if you forget to check your email. You will receive an email verification of your selections.


How to add on extra items to your box?

You will have an option to add on extra items to your box at an additional charge.  This way if you have guests in town and would like more salad greens or a beautiful bouquet, you will be able to add this on. The available add-ons will be listed on the bottom of your selection sheet. You may spend your vacation credit for add ons or pay for them on line with a credit card.  


Vacation Credit and How to use it?

If you know you won’t be able to pick up your box, please let us know with as much advance notice as possible, preferably 2 weeks minimum.  When you let us know about a planned vacation please use a separate email request (not a reply) and be sure that you have confirmation from us acknowledging the date(s) of your absence.We will then apply a credit of $20 for Classic Share or $32 Super Share to your account which you will be able to use for purchases at our Farm  and Crop Share add-ons. We ask that you use your vacation credit within 6 weeks of taking vacation although this is not required.  If you have a credit we will send you an email with a link to your balance sheet so you can check your credits and current balance at any  time.   

Missed Pick Ups

There is no reimbursement or credit if you do not pick up your  box. We do not retrieve missed boxes, they become the property of the dropsite. To help avoid missed pick ups I will be sending all members a text message reminder on the day of pick up.  If necessary you can ask us to leave your box at the farm for pick up but you need to communicate directly with us before noon on your delivery day so that there is no confusion.


Cropshare Totes

We will be delivering your produce to your dropsite in a plastic rubbermaid tote. Look for your name on your tote. If you send a friend to pick up for you make sure that they know to look for your name or they may accidentally take someone else’s order. Bring your own container because you must unload your items from our tote into your container or bag and leave the tote at the dropsite. You may not take the tote home with you. 


Penalty for Taking a Different Members Food (New!)

Due to an unfortunate number of instances we are now penalizing members who accidentally or otherwise take other members food. You will be charged a $10 fee.  Ultimately we spend extra time, labor, and fuel to re-harvest and deliver the desired items to the member who did not get their box. 


Dropsite Locations

We will be sending out specific details about each pick up site. The pick up time for the Cropshare is 3-7pm.


Contact Information

If you need to contact us we prefer email at  or text to Rosie’s cell phone at 541-335-9011.  This way, if we are on the tractor or with a customer, we can respond when we get a chance.  If those options don’t work for you, then by all means give a call to Rosie’s cell number above. You can also call Adam’s cell phone: 541-214-9755.