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Cropshare Guidelines

Welcome to the Little Wings Farm Crop Share 2022. We are excited that you have joined our farm.  We look forward to sharing the produce we love to eat and grow with you and your family! Below, you will find guidelines to our Crop Share.  As always if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us via phone, text or email!


Making your weekly selection (or not)

Each week you will receive an email that will tell you what produce will be included in all of the member shares for that week and also provide the link to our selection form where you can select the additional items you prefer to complete your share. If you do not fill out the selection form by the deadline do not worry.  We will make choices for you and you will receive your full share. The deadline to submit your choices is 7pm Sunday for Tuesday delivery and 7pm Wednesday for Friday delivery. The selection form is also available here on our website.  For more important details please read this


                                                               Adding on extra items to your box

After you make your selections, you will be able to select add on items on a separate form for an additional charge.  You can pay with a debit/credit card or with vacation credit. These purchased items will be included in your tote.   There is no processing fee for these purchases.

  This way if you have guests in town and would like more salad greens or an extra pint of berries, you will be able to add this on.


                                                           Things to know about picking up your tote


 Look for your name: The most important thing to remember is that your tote is unique to you and has your label name on it. Before you take food out of a tote double check to be absolutely sure that you are not taking someone else's food. If you have someone pick up your food for you then you need to be absolutely sure that they know what label to look for and to do a double check as well. Please stop to think how you would feel if you arrived to pick up your food and found your tote empty.  You will be charged a fee for replacing the food that is missing and for delivery to the disappointed member.

You will need to bring a container to transfer your food into. Please leave the tote completely empty so that we can keep the host site and totes clean. The totes are left at the host site and stacked neatly after they are emptied

The hours for pick up are 3-7pm. Please respect the privacy of our site hosts by coming during those hours. We will send you an invitation to Remind so that you can receive a reminder on your phone or computer on the day of delivery. The same system is used for last minute updates if our delivery has been delayed for any reason. NOTE: If you do not pick up your share you will not receive any credit or replacement.

Each site will have directions for parking and other site specific directions. Please know and follow these directions.  tTurn off your ignition when you arrive.  Do not leave your vehicle idling. 

Vacation Credit and How to use it

We want you to have fun and we know sometimes you may not be able to pick up your share  so we offer unlimited vacation credit which can be used to purchase u-pick berries, crop share add ons, and items in our on line store. The credit for a Classic Share is $23 and for the Super Share $35.50. The credit expires at the end of the delivery season.  In order to receive credit you must give us advanced notice using our vacation request form  AND receive an acknowledgement back to show that we received your request and recorded it correctly. You can notify us by filling out the vacation request form here 

    Missed Pick Ups

There is no reimbursement or credit if you do not pick up your  box. We do not retrieve missed boxes, they become the property of the drop site. To help avoid missed pick ups we will be sending all members who enroll in Remind a text message reminder on the day of pick up.  If necessary you can ask us to leave your box at the farm for pick up but you need to communicate directly with us and receive a response before noon on your delivery day so that there is no confusion.  


Contact Information

If you need to contact us we prefer email at  or text to Rosie’s cell phone at 541-335-9011.  This way, if we are on the tractor or with a customer, we can respond when we get a chance.  If those options don’t work for you, then by all means give a call to Rosie’s cell number above. You can also call Adam’s cell phone: 541-214-9755.

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