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SCHEDULING A VACATION: Members can take as many vacation weeks as they want. Credit is given that can be used to purchase produce as add ons or in our online store. The credit for a Classic Share is $26.50 and the credit for the Super Share is $38. The credit can be used ito purchase produce in the online add-on store.

HOW TO REQUEST OR CANCEL A VACATION: Open the Vacation form and select the date or dates of your vacation. Be sure to submit the form and you will receive an email confirming the dates selected. If you have not received that confirmation, you will not receive credit. You are able to request vacation up to the closing of the selection sheet for any date (Noon on Sunday). If you have an emergency and cannot pick up your share you need to call or text 541-335-9011 and get a confirmation reply before 9am on the day of delivery so we can hold your share at the farm. No refund is given for shares that are not picked up. Members still receive a selection sheet email when they are on vacation. HOW TO CANCEL A VACATION: Send an email to to request cancellation.

HOW TO CHECK YOUR VACATION DAYS: When you fill out the form to schedule vacation days you will receive a link to your credit sheet. Save the link in an email folder for easy access. During the season you can click on the link and see what days you have scheduled vacation as well as information about your vacation credit

HOW TO USE VACATION CREDIT: You can use your vacation credit as soon as you sign up for vacation. If you schedule a vacation in July, you can use your credit to buy produce in June. Use your credit to buy additional produce for your share or to buy produce through our online store. Using the store form, make your purchases, click YES that you want to use vacation credit, enter the amount of credit you want to use but do not exceed your balance. Our system is not automated so it does not know how much credit you have. It is up to you to check your balance.

HOW TO CHECK YOUR BALANCE: Check your balance by clicking the saved link to your credit sheet or access your balance on the website Crop Share Member page by clicking Credit Balance. Look for your drop site and then your initials.

EXPIRATION: Vacation credits expire in November. If you have credits at the end of the season, we suggest you use them to purchase storage produce that would include dry onions and shallots, winter squash, beets, and other long-lasting produce. You may also designate a donation to a local food charity organization.

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