Rosie, Co-Owner, got her start farming at a very young age.  She grew up on a 120 acre ranch/homestead in Southwest Oregon.  As a kid she dreamed of living in the big city but soon after graduating college realized her true dream was to return to her roots.  She has been farming Organic produce in the Pacific NW for over a decade and still gets giddy with delight when seeds send up their first leaf.  Her favorite thing about farming: snacking while working!

Adam, Co-Owner, got his start farming in 2014 after spending much of his adult life in the forest identifying and counting song birds and owls.  Despite his desire to travel the world and see new places, he fell in love with the soil, the amazing meals everyday and the steady hard work that farming demands. His favorite thing about farming: bird watching on the job.

Trisha, Farm Crew Rockstar, grew up in Montana where she dreamed of becoming a crane operator for the local coal mine.  Fast forward a couple decades, she landed at Little Wings Farm with the enthusiasm and drive of three people in one. Despite the lack of a crane on our farm she continues to thrive in the diversity of tasks and up-beat nature of the farm day. Her favorite thing about farming: The team huddle, executing the play and taking the WIN on "Sports Team Thursday's".


Sockmo, Farm Supervisor,Prowler and Entertainer, has worked on 3 other farms with Rosie and Adam over the last 7 years.  With this wide breadth of experience, she has become an essential asset to overseeing all operations on the farm. Her favorite thing about farming: the taste of fresh mice.