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Funny farmers



Rosie, Co-Owner, got her start farming at a very young age.  She grew up on a 120 acre ranch/homestead in Southwest Oregon.  As a kid she dreamed of living in the big city but soon after graduating college realized her true dream was to return to her roots.  She has been farming Organic produce in the Pacific NW for over a decade and still gets giddy with delight when seeds send up their first leaf.  Her favorite thing about farming: snacking while working!

Adam, Co-Owner, got his start farming in 2014 after spending much of his adult life in the forest identifying and counting song birds and owls.  Despite his desire to travel the world and see new places, he fell in love with the soil, the amazing meals everyday and the steady hard work that farming demands. His favorite thing about farming: bird watching on the job.


Trisha, Farm Crew Rockstar, grew up in Montana where she dreamed of becoming a crane operator for the local coal mine.  Fast forward a couple decades, she landed at Little Wings Farm with the enthusiasm and drive of three people in one. Despite the lack of a crane on our farm she continues to thrive in the diversity of tasks and up-beat nature of the farm day. Her favorite thing about farming: The team huddle, executing the play and taking the WIN on "Sports Team Thursday's".


Meredith, Farm Crew Olympian, grew up in Davis California  where she dreamed of being a blueberry farmer from a young age.  Now she has made that dream a reality at Little Wings where she has been a crucial team player since 2020.  In addition to her planting and harvest skills, Meredith is also an amazing baker and keeps the team fueled with anything from Amaretti cookies to Tiramisu on a weekly basis! Her favorite thing about farming: working outside and getting sick on watermelon.


Becca, Harvest and Wash Extraordinaire, has been farming in the Willamette Valley since 2015.  She brings incredible beats to the Packout and is always quick to make her coworkers laugh.  Becca is adventurous with vegetables in the kitchen and is always coming up with new and incredible meal ideas.   Her favorite thing about farming: making up songs in the field.


Sockmo, Farm Supervisor,Prowler and Entertainer, has worked on 3 other farms with Rosie and Adam over the last 8 years.  With this wide breadth of experience, she has become an essential asset to overseeing all operations on the farm. Her favorite thing about farming: the taste of fresh mice.

Rhubarb, Head of Farm HR Dept, has worked at Little Wings since May 2020.  She has been leading the effort to keep crew morale high by planning costume dress up days and farm parties as well as meeting individually with each crew member on a regular basis.  Her favorite thing about farming: eating raspberries right off the canes.


Butters, Lead Custodian, has worked at Little Wings since November 2022.  The newest member to the farm has a natural talent for cleaning up messes. He cleans up surfaces on the farm with his rapidly licking tongue.  He also is the self appointed Sockmo monitor.   His favorite thing about farming: eating kale stems.

joy of farming
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