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We will be closing the selection form at 7 pm.  If you want to make a choice you need to submit your form before it is closed.  Please do not make selection requests after that time  Don't worry, you will still get a full box of goodies even it you have made no selection.

You may wonder why 7 pm so here is the reason: After the selection form is closed it takes about two hours to collate all the selections and to make  up the harvest sheet for the next day, Monday.  Then we go to bed.  We do not harvest food that we are not going to sell because we want everything to be a fresh as possible.  Very early Monday morning we go out to the fields to harvest what you have selected.   We bring the harvest back to our washing area and clean it.  Once it is washed we store it in our cooler.   At the same time we are working to harvest and store food for our other wholesale customers.  It is a very, very busy day.   The next day, Tuesday, we spend the morning packing the produce in totes for the Crop Share and in boxes for other customers.  Then we pack the truck and deliver the goods.  

We hope you can see that most of the time we are either sleeping or busy working and that adding late selections takes time that we need for other tasks.  We very much appreciate your cooperation by making your selections on time or accepting the selections we make for you, 

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